Universal Brands Supplies

Universal Brands Supplies FZC was established in 2001 as a trading business for high end luxury and lifestyle products of perfumes, cosmetics, watches, accessories and leather goods. Universal Brands has a full range of leading brands under one roof for immediate delivery. The company is backed by the legacy of Time Machine Group and has strong international market contacts and loyal customers who account for 70% of the total sales.

Universal Brands also has exclusivity on some of the bestselling international brands with the ability to ship any quantity, anytime, anywhere. Universal Brands is able to do this because of its world class logistics and shipping facilities. Universal Brands has an extremely large and penetrating distribution network in all countries.

Universal Brands’ sales team cover five regions across the world, booking orders and signing up new customers. The management team is constantly on the lookout for latest products at the best prices. The management team liaises with its carefully developed network of principals and distributors to ensure uninterrupted supply.

The company has its own state-of-the-art temperature controlled warehousing facilities that have been designed and constructed to International standards. Being located in the UAE in a Free Trade Zone gives an excellent geographical advantage as it is one of the most sought after central hubs of distribution in the world and optimum for imports and exports by air and sea.